Who are The Ninja Squirrels?

Nick – Lead Guitar


Height – 5′ 10″, judge me by my size, do you?

Weight  15st 12 and counting…
Favourite colour – Blue (lightsabre)
No gaffs at a gig to date, but there’s still time.

Things about me – I’m a massive metal fan, so it makes perfect sense that I join an Indie pub covers band. I am a self-confessed Jedi and massive Batman enthusiast, but sorry ladies, I’m afraid that I’m already taken.

Influences – Megadeth, Rage Against the Machine, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin. All the heavy riff big hitters.

Music I listen to – all of the above with a bit of Arctics thrown in and a spot of Pantera.

Music I don’t like… the top 10.

Kit – Jackson KVX10 Flying V. Gibson Les Paul. Ibanez RG570. Dean ML Razorback. Yamaha electro-acoustic. Marshall AVT 275 amplifier and a Marshall MG100 stack!

I love playing with the Ninjas and love getting to gig for you all!

Most embarrassing moment – having to play on stage with these three herberts!

May the Force be with you!

Baz – Bass Guitar


Height – 6′ 0″

Weight – 16 stone -17 Stone (Luther Vandross of the band)
Favourite Colour – Red
Bum Notes per gig ratio –  too many!

Influences – Feeder, Bowie, Smiths, Joy Division, Beatles, Phonics, Black Keys, Johnny Marr, Zep, Doves and many more….

Music I listen to – I’m not as varied as Simon and tend to listen to mostly Indie, Brit Pop and Classic Rock…hence my iPod is a bit of a more a guy pod…..

Music I hate – X Factor…BGT…enough said…

Kit – I have a Gretsch Electromatic G5442BDC in Black and a Epiphone SG Custom in Red, Ashdown Blue Evo ll 180 Watt Bass Amp and two cats
What do you most like about being in the Ninja Squirrels – Love the banter, don’t believe the singer, he’s the butt of all the jokes.

I feel blessed to play in a band, with people I class as true friends, who seem to share the same vision and love of music…sometimes songs don’t work out, but when they do, it’s fantastic…

Most embarrassing Squirrel moment – Asking at a gig, if they are “any one armed drummers in the pub” and a bloke walked up to me and unscrewed his plastic hand, not normally lost for words, but I was then!

Simon – Drums


Height – 7′ 2″

Weight – 6 stone
Favourite Colour – Puce
Dropped stick per gig ratio – 3 (spg)

Influences – It’s is a kind of virus commonly called flu. Oh, you mean music I like – I like stupidly talented drummers, Neil Peart (Rush), Stewart Copeland (the Police), Travis Barker (Blink 182). Which is a shame cause it means I will never be able to play any of it.

Music I listen to – From Kate Bush and Bjork across to heavy shit like Rammstein and Metallica and then around the corner and down the corridor to Eminem and Fifty Cent. Oh and a bit of opera…  and quite a lot of classic and prog rock…  and some punk…  Handel…  Mozart…  80s Electronica…  Keith Harris and Orville…

Music I hate – Jazz. I don’t know why.

Kit – I gig with a Yamaha Stage Custom kit with a mixture of Zildjan A Custom and Dream cymbals.  This isn’t an endorsement – it’s just what I’ve been able to get hold of. To turn this into an endorsement – talk to my people.

What do you most like about being in the Ninja Squirrels – Seeing the crowd jumping and dancing. Sometimes, they even do it when we’re playing.

Most embarrassing Squirrel moment – Singing Living Doll to a crowd consisting of four people and an angry barman. We never played that venue (or song) again.

Jim – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar


Height – 5′ 9″

Weight – 12 stone-ish
Favourite Colour – Blue
Broken Strings per gig ratio –  none so far – which is ominous.

Influences – Foo Fighters, Floyd, Beatles, Muse, Creedence, Fratellis

Music I listen to – Anything I think I have a chance of copying the guitar of (or, more likely, I could get Nick to so he can show me).

Music I hate – Classic songs with modern beats which then people take credit for and who then claim this makes them musicians! I’m not saying I could do it but even so…..

Kit – A “Red Devil” Fender Twin. In terms of guitars I have a few (I’d have more but girlfriends are always laying down “rules”…). A Rickenbacker 360 and a 12 string Gretch are my gigging guitars – but I also have a Takemine semi and also a beautiful Fylde 12 string acoustic – and there are a couple of basses …

What do you most like about being in the Ninja Squirrels – It’s such a great feeling to get a room rocking and making a great evening for those who come and watch us play (we hope). We’re average guys who enjoy making music. There are no attitudes, just a group of mates having a laugh.

Most embarrassing Squirrel moment – Being the newest member of the band, in the early days, realising, on a number of occasions, that I was about the only person in the room who DIDN’T know what the next word was (even, I suspect, Simon who we know spends most of his concentration on maintaining a grasp of his sticks). You soon learn excuses for these situations (*tap tap* “sorry, think the mic is dodgy”).